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Co-Creator/Director of Programming

Casey Brussard, M.Sc.

Hi, everyone! My name is Casey Brussard and I am the Co-Creator and Director of Programming for My Impact Fitness. 


My passion for health, training, and influencing the lives of other athletes began at a young age and has only continued to develop. From the age of four, through college, I had my fair share of playing a variety of sports. As a self-motivated youth athlete, I said yes to every opportunity that arose. Whether it be playing extra games for other teams, going to the field on ‘off days’, or watching previous games to study mistakes or great plays. Because of the ongoing overuse I had been putting my body through, I had developed Sever’s Disease and Osgood Schlatter Disease, both of which are a painful result of overloading the body. Experiencing these injuries at a young age made me appreciate the Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning Staff that I had been working with on my way to recovery to get back onto the playing field. Through my athletic and professional career, I began to learn the importance of incorporating active stretching and mobility through recovery programs. These, along with the accompaniment of practicing the desired sport can evolve an individual into a healthier well-rounded athlete. 


Though some believe that the only training mechanism to better themselves is in the weight room, there are many other training outlets available. Physically playing and practicing the sport, studying yourself or others through film, or taking a rest and recovery day can allow athletes to excel in the field of athletics.  


My Impact Fitness was created after listening to individuals wanting easy-to-follow and effective stretching and recovery methods.


We are committed to helping you become a healthier individual. Whether you are looking to improve your mobility and flexibility as an athlete or an adult, we are excited for you to join our smarter recovery community!

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